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As it stands, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has adopted the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulation N43.17 2009 as a compliance guideline for the use of full body scanners. The standard specifically lists image interpretation training as a requirement for system operator (see below).

ANSI N43.17 2009

For Category 1 - General Use and Category 2 - Limited Use, Class A full body screening systems, ANSI N43.17 (2009), adopted by the FDA and the United States, requires, in part, 8.2.5 Personnel Training...

8.2.5 Personnel Training

a. Each operator shall be provided with training on the operation and use of the security screening system(s). At a minimum, this training shall include pre- operational checks, operation of the system, subject positioning, interpretation of images, procedures to be followed if the system is damaged or malfunctions, and practical operational experience.

b. Each individual associated with the operation of the security screening system shall be provided radiation safety training prior to performing security screening operations. Proficiency shall be demonstrated at the conclusion of training. Refresher training shall be provided at least once every 12 months.

CFR 1020.40
Cabinet X-Ray Regulations
CFR 20.1201
Occupational Dose Limits
CFR 20.1301
Public Individual Dose Limits
Compliance Guide
Cabinet X-Ray Systems


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