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Radiation Safety Training
by RCE Consulting

RCE Consulting, LLC is a veteran-owned company providing the “missing link” for those who have purchased, own and operate non-medical security and industrial type x-ray inspection equipment. RCE Consulting offers expert, affordable solutions, regulatory compliance guidance, regulatory required radiation protection programs and acceptable training courses to the OWNER of this type of screening equipment by providing complete, comprehensive and cost effective regulatory compliance solutions and materials for all owners in any State or Canadian Province.

RCE Consulting, LLC provides radiation safety training for both your designated facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and your X-Ray Machine Operators and support staff. An expert in this industry, RCE Consulting, LLC has developed ALL the materials the OWNER will need so you can be confident you will be in full regulatory compliance with your State regulations when you follow the program.

Your RSO will have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the RPP provides all the necessary work instructions and forms to implement a comprehensive radiation protection program. Also included is a detailed “Getting Started Manual for the Facility RSO” and an annual RPP audit template to meet the annual audit requirement.

Your X-Ray Operators will be knowledgeable and equipped with all the information and support they need to safely operate the x-ray inspection machine with confidence and without anxiety.

RCE Consulting, LLC regulatory compliance solutions include, but are not limited to, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training specific to your application and radiation emitting equipment, radiation safety training for x-ray equipment operators and support staff, a written State specific Radiation Protection Program (RPP), work instructions and forms specifically designed for the x-ray machine owner. Also included are all State regulations, forms and all published State regulatory guides. These same programs are NOW AVAILABLE for owners of Handheld XRF analyzer equipment, bottle fill checkers and full body backscatter or transmission x-ray screening systems.


Regulatory Compliance & Radiation Safety training services have been developed to meet all budgets. See the On Site and Webinar Training, or Online Courses pages and choose which option best fits your needs.


Mr. Steve Norris, Health Physicist, and owner of RCE Consulting, LLC has 40 years of experience in nuclear power plant operations as a Naval nuclear chemist and as the Corporate RSO for the world’s largest nuclear waste processing facility in Oak Ridge, TN.


For the past 16 years, Mr. Norris has been working for and with manufacturers of radiation emitting devices as a Corporate Radiation Safety & Compliance Officer specializing in radiation program development, management and implementation, federal and state regulatory compliance, providing facility and equipment licensing and registration for companies who possess, use, sell and install equipment containing sealed source devices (e.g., trace explosive and narcotic detection equipment), cabinet x-ray inspection systems used in both the security and food processing industries, backscatter and transmission x-ray security screening systems and the high energy linear accelerator facilities using Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) Cargo Inspection Systems at ports and border crossings.


Mr. Norris is highly experienced with all Federal (FDA) product report submittals and with all State reporting requirements, as well as, State x-ray equipment regulatory compliance requirements, radiation safety training for your designated facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and your x-ray machine operators and support staff.


Mr. Norris has personally provided x-ray radiation safety training to more than 25,000+ x-ray operators globally, including 1500+ x-ray operators for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. He has also developed radiation protection programs globally for facilities in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom along with hundreds of facilities throughout the United States and Canada. (See “Customer Base” page at for a sample of these companies). RCE Consulting, LLC is one of just a handful of individuals worldwide who is also authorized by Health Canada to provide regulatory compliance and radiation safety training for facilities in Canada who fall under either federal or provincial jurisdiction.

For more information on Radiation Safety and other services offered by RCE Consulting, please visit the website at For any questions, to book a course or purchase a package, please send an email to, call the Office at 843-650-9724, or Mobile at 865-696-9117 and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

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