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Design and Consulting Services

From analyzing and purchasing new X-ray Systems to creating operational workflows and installation floor plans, our modern and professional approach to Design and Consulting will ensure your organization has the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Contact us to take advantage of our extensive Industry knowledge.

Interested in purchasing a new security imaging system, but unaware of the current market landscape? Are you trying to determine the best equipment available for what your specific security operations require? Frequently, professional organizations are uninformed and left searching for answers to their operational security needs, leaving themselves vulnerable to false claims and inflated promises from vendors claiming that their product is the final solution. Professional organizations need guidance and direct, honest answers when it comes to selecting the right product, and how to implement it into their current environment.

X-Ray Imaging Solutions has experience in dealing with both dealers and manufacturers in the security imaging industry and knows how to locate the proper system for your specific organizational needs. Our services include floorplan and installation design, system purchasing consulting, operational workflow development, as well as resources to help with your required radiation protection programs through RCE Consulting. Avoid unnecessary costs and frustration by allowing XRI Solutions to facilitate your future purchase. Contact us for more information!

Service Offerings

New System Consulting

Site Readiness Assessment

System Relocation Consulting

Manufacturer Warranty Analysis

Site Compliance Analysis

New System Placement Consulting

Floor Plan Design

New System RFP Review and Design

System Deployment Planning

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