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Radiation Survey Services

Survey services are designed to be as effortless as possible with all documentation being submitted on behalf of your organization, allowing time to be focused on what your company does best! XRI Solutions offers survey services ranging from leakage detection to in-beam measurement for any Security X-ray System, including Full Body X-ray Scanners and Cabinet X-ray Security Systems.

Federal and State regulatory agencies have set forth guidelines for all owners and operators of X-ray systems, across all industries, to protect both employees and the general public from unnecessary radiation exposure. Depending on the state, some require multiple surveys a year to ensure that exposure limits and safety features are working. These surveys are mandatory for ionizing radiation emitting devices and can result in fines and/or delays in using your new X-ray system if they are not conducted properly. Common mistakes are individuals using the improper equipment with incorrect response curves, to not correctly performing the survey according to state and federal guidelines.

X-Ray Imaging Solutions offers in-beam, leakage, and scatter radiations survey services for cabinet and full body scanner X-ray systems. Our staff is trained to use the proper equipment, fill out the correct forms, and ensure that your security imaging systems are operating within state and federal regulations so that you can focus on more important organizational needs. Compliance can be meticulous, but it does not have to be. Contact us today to see what survey services we can provide to you.

Service Offerings

Body Scanner Radiation Surveys

Cabinet System Radiation Surveys

State Compliance Documentation

Radiation Leakage Testing

Site Radiation Safety Analysis

In-beam Exposure Measurement

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