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Who We Are

Established in July of 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona, Veteran-Owned X-Ray Imaging Solutions provides both technical and educational services within the Security, Analytical, and Healthcare X-ray industries. X-Ray Imaging Solutions sets the standard for professionalism and customer care, covering the full spectrum of X-ray technology.

With a diverse background and over 12 years of combined experience in radiography and repair services, XRI Solutions works with and supports multiple X-ray Systems Manufacturers and a multitude of different products.​

XRI Solutions - Michael Babiuch

Mike Babiuch first became passionate about X-ray Technology while attending the Medical Radiography program with Carrington College in Phoenix, AZ area back in 2012. While attending Carrington, Mike learned everything required to become a state registered radiographer with over 600+ hours of clinical experience. After leaving the program, Mike’s path continued onward into biomedical equipment technology working with companies such as Banner Health and contracting with B Braun Medical Group as a field service engineer with Novasyte, LLC. Later in his career, Mike discovered opportunities in the security and medical industries with X-ray Technology. After a few years of working in sales and service, Mike was eventually brought into the role as a product specialist developing project management and consultative solutions for clients in the security industry.

After becoming involved with the body scanner industry, it became clear that there was an ongoing issue developing. Although the systems were adequately detecting contraband, there was a lack of understanding in relation to interpreting the images themselves. Recently, the only people to understand any type of imaging of the body was medical radiography. As the new body scanner technology arrived on the security market, the knowledge of how the technology was leveraged was left behind. This created a vacuum in the industry with a high demand for training and education courses, but no resources available to provide the much-needed service.

Recognizing the need for training, Mike developed a program to specifically educate body scanner operators on how to identify foreign contraband in the human body using lecture, 3-D anatomical review, and case studies. Using his background, education, and professional experiences, this proprietary and proven program has been successful with our clients, and we continue to innovate new methods to better our services. In addition to education, X-Ray Imaging Solutions offers technical and imaging services for X-ray Systems within the security, medical, and analytical industries.

XRI Solutions - Ryan Easterly
Vice President

With over 20 years of experience, education and training, and over 30 highly respected and sought after Technological Certifications, Ryan Easterly is a well established Technologist in the Technology and Healthcare Industries. Known for developing both highly technical and business driven solutions, Ryan has worked with some of the World's largest businesses and Health Organizations to analyze and repair the effects of human error in all aspects of the business landscape. With his extensive experience and expertise in technical and business process analysis, technical development and remediation, application and automation development, Ryan brings true Technology Mastery into the X-Ray Technology field to address and fill the clear gaps identified by his Partner, Mike Babiuch.

Ryan began his career at a large Hospital / Health Provider in the Phoenix Metro area, quickly learning the intricacies of the private and public Healthcare markets, which ultimately equipped him with the insight and ability to begin fixing deep-seated engineering and process related issues surrounding the greater business and Healthcare marketplaces. Ryan excelled very early and very quickly in his career, starting as an IT break-fix technician, moving rapidly into professional design and architecture roles for major, multi-national Technology Providers with a focus on massive and complex datacenter systems within only a few years. In his most recent prior corporate endeavor inside of a larger IT Provider, Ryan ran a ~$50M per year Specialist IT Services Organization with over 30 direct reports and accelerated recognized services level profits from sub 30% to over 60% in only a single year through the use of targeted technical and business process automation. As a pull-through from those efforts, Ryan was also able to reduce the burden cost of technical field service engineers by an additional 20% overall.

In addition to overseeing the technical and operational foundations for X-Ray Imaging Solutions, Ryan currently holds a position as a Sr. Systems Engineer for Rubrik; a large, global IT Infrastructure Software Developer / Provider, where he resides on the field sales team, responsible for analyzing systems and processes, and designing both high and low-level technology solutions for some of the country's largest businesses.

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